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S3 Pump Service is a leader in providing a variety of pumping services in the Arkansas-Louisiana-Texas area. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to develop on-site techniques, which aid in well production and safety for the employees and our clients.

S3 Pump Service has exceptional experience with pump downs in the Haynesville Shale of Northwest Louisiana. S3 performed over 600 pump downs last year in Louisiana and over 350 pump downs last year in Southeast Texas. Click Here for the geographical area of Haynesville Shale or view the interactive map below.

Please click on our services or thumbnail images below for more information.

Coil Tubing Pumping We provide two main services for coil tubing pumping.
Pump Down Service Pump Down Services involve pumping wireline tools in horizontal wells. The furthest horizontal pumped by S3 to date is 10,000 feet. All pumps utilized in this service are 15,000 psi pumps.
Hydrostatic Testing S3 Pump Service performs casing tests, testing of plugs, and breakdowns for
pre-frac analysis.
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